His Rule Publication


Author: Dr. Gary Chapman

ISBN: 978-1-881273-15-8
203 pages
April 2009
Hard cover
The five love languages
A Dutch man could have a great difficulty communicating with a native Swahili man because of the big difference in their languages. Language is the heart of communication and for a successful relationship/ marriage, communication is key.
Love speaks, it finds its expression in different languages among spouses. We may live together but not speak the same language; we only come together for a purpose then disperse. The in-line experience as explained in the book is just like that purpose: we speak English because it pulls us in for a purpose but we would have loved to speak in our own native tongue which we find a greater expression and so soon enough we are screaming, “don’t you get it- speak my language”.
Dr. Gary Chapman in his book categorises these love languages into five:
Quality time
Words of affirmation
Acts of service
Physical touch
Everyone has one primary love language and you can actually get your spouse back on the love train by speaking his/hers correctly.
Dr. Gary Chapman’s boom will help you discover yours and your partner’s love language. With life changing examples you can get a good view of how to relive those days when you and your spouse first met and keep those moments forever.
This is one of the best books on marriage and family life that hits the nail on the head; everyone has a love language- babies too, and everyone needs this book. It is an elixir for every marriage.

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