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Many times we are out of control especially when we have these neighbours stepping on our toes and to a large extent we find it hard keeping the outcomes to ourselves. We then spill it out and someday, somehow, the news of what you said is heard and most of all it will be your reputation at stake. Your neighbour is as good as the person sitting next to you in a bus. How can you be a good neighbour?

1. Start at home: an old and quite popular proverb says, “charity begins at home”- If you do it at home, there’s a huge possibility of carrying it to the ends of the world. So treat people rightly in your own niche. Learn to take responsibility even when everyone is backing out at the right things. Learn to be patient and temperate because not everyone can reason like you. My father once told me; “when driving, the other guy driving in the car next to you is assumed insane”, this isn’t to insult anyone but to signify that it is a choice to be sane. Don’t be quick to anger, have self control and know exactly when to stand still or walk away. Earn respect at home and it will help you carry on outside.

2. Don’t visit neighbours too often: most times, people come visiting and they say, “am I welcome”, to be honest the answer to that question isn’t always yes; when you visit too often, your neighbours might smile at you but also sneer at you because you have obviously worn out your welcome and you are now an intruder. It is quite an honor to be a visitor and then a confidant but tarry wisely at being a visitor so as not to intrude the privacy of your neighbours. Even a family of twelve sometimes need “alone time”. Neighbours in this case could apply to friends.

3. Don’t intrude into family discussions except asked: indeed, you may meet a worried and depressed individuals at any point and then this person becomes your neighbour.  Thus neighbour of yours might decide to pour out his heart, you are very free to listen if you are convinced to. Close friends may be in this category too but unless you are asked to or beckoned by his/her countenance, learn to be a good listener. Help with one word statements if you must speak. If you also stumble on a neighbour correcting his/her child especially when not violent, learn to keep your opinions. Never insult the child, you might hurt the parents’ feelings.

4. Don’t keep items that don’t belong to you: learn the boundary between your home and your neighbour’s home. Many are fond of this but in all honesty it’s not always intentional . Borrowing an item, if you must, isn’t bad but ensure to return it and in time . Don’t let neighbours come asking for it, it could be embarrassing for you and annoying to your neighbour.

5. Learn to be at peace and live an exemplary life: no one wants to speak to someone who is always at war with everyone. Good people love to be around a comely and peaceful fellow. Have strong moral values and learn to be at peace not by hiding the truth when asked but knowing the right words to say at the right time.

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