Rejection is simply an emotional state brought about by certain incidents like being ignored by friends, being excluded from family or society or in fact being chastised over what you believe in. Some certain indifference constitutes rejection too. Signs that a person feels rejected includes: loneliness, anger and hostility towards others (consciously or unconsciously trying to make others feel the same way you do, that is, rejected).

Dealing with rejection as an individual can prove to be difficult as the thoughts wouldn’t just take a break. Psychologically, we make ourselves feel more rejected after an incident pushes us away, it therefore affects our thoughts even our dreams but with this guides, you can bring yourself out of it.

Go over the situation: At this point, you really don’t want to think about what brought about the rejection though it sits comfortably in your mind. However, you can go over it in a different way, rather than accusing yourself, it’s time to forgive yourself. It’s much easier to get someone’s forgiveness than forgiving yourself especially if you feel you did something wrong which caused you to be rejected. If it was simply a “hello” that was ignored especially by someone you love, it’s also a moment to embrace yourself rather than pity yourself.

It has been proven that words spoken to yourself carry much vigor than those thought of, it’s almost like you’re being bound to them. You can start by simply saying:

“I forgive/ embrace myself for getting rejected because state what happened”

It is important you mention what you have done.

Let go of whatever happened: Take a deep breath. For anyone to move on to another step, you need to lift your legs off the former steps. Lift your feet off whatever situation that made you feel rejected. It happened that way and the only way to change it is learning the lessons attached to it and moving on. Don’t hang on to the feeling, the feeling is in your hands, you either hold on to it or let it go.

Realize your self-worth and boost it: You have always had a self esteem but consciously or unconsciously, rejection reduces this esteem. For instance, someone you really admire pushed you away perhaps because of your shoes, and then you feel you do not have a good fashion sense and unconsciously, you assume being an unsociable individual because within you, you fear you don’t have the right outfits. This is something to work on, remember you’ve had people who have loved you for who you are, you have also loved yourself at so many points even while standing in front of a mirror. Believe in yourself, you are not measured by anyone’s standards. Real friends who see faults correct them in love; they don’t make you feel rejected. Rejection has been known to affect an individual inwardly and outwardly. If you can start inwardly by embracing yourself, you can change your appearance outwardly. Be ready to face those fears but this time with courage. The greatest hurt we ever inflict is on ourselves. Boost the confidence you have in yourself.

Allow love into your heart: You might think, “Loving someone?” well, yes but that someone is yourself. You need to love yourself and love everyone around you even those who hurt you. Remember, how you feel is how you want others to feel consciously or unconsciously. Our words will always sell us out; rejection as well as every emotion creates a bucket, when it fills up, the final outpour is through our words.

Be sociable and connect with people: Rejection fixes you on a spot with loneliness, the thought that everyone is the same lingers but do not let it. The only way to stop it is not staying away from people; make acquaintances. This doesn’t have to be a-too-obvious practice; you can make efforts to have a warm smile wherever you go to. Most times, your smile helps other people get out of their own emotional problems, it entertains (it gives them warmth) them and makes them entertain you in turn.

Get daily word nuggets to keep you going: You probably fear that you may subside back to those feelings of rejection; this is why you need daily inspirational words. Words from the scriptures or daily motivational quotes can help keep you going. This also helps to boost your self-worth and esteem.

Build new friendships and old ones: This can also mean creating a positive support system. Bring yourself out of the shell created by rejection; be optimistic when meeting people because not everyone would reject you. Move on by building new friendships and strengthen old ones that help you emotionally.

-His Rule Publication

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