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Hi guys. It’s Saturday, the 28st of July and the first time you would read my highly opinionated views. Today is not a working day so I’d expect you have gotten some chores done or returned from the gym, ndi fit fam, and I hail. Dear entrepreneurs, I apologize, I know every day is a working day for you guys.  I am Pineapple and would henceforth handle this column. I hope my excitement is as loud on screen. I look forward to having the most fun on this ethereal space.

So I would like to kick start with talking about a movie. It is one of particular interest and I must say that I am amazed that it is still a trendy topic since its release date; 30th of March. ‘Acrimony’ is a 2018 American psychological thriller film written, produced and directed by Tyler Perry. It sums up as a story which expresses an ex-wife taking revenge on her devious estranged husband. Now to the question, who was wrong and who was right? The plot of this film is expressed in 5 categories and I would opine on the impression the characters inflicted on me in each of the stages.

Acrimony is the first category. It sets of with the judge reprimanding Melinda followed by her session with a therapist. Already here I see a woman who hardly gets her point understood. She doesn’t even have faith in therapy before it begins because she feels already she would be a victim of stereotype; insecurity looms in her worrying about the notes taken down by the therapist. As she rolls back to tell the story, I see a strong, balanced and promising Melinda whom meeting Robert wasn’t the best of feats. Robert on the other hand was a nice looking intelligent chap whom I think was over confident and too forward. I mean, scoring the paper in minutes because you had an A puhlese! Well to the death of her mother, I am introduced to the supposedly over protective sisters who I feel are in their rights as sisters.

To the incident in the Recreational Vehicle, although I do not want to put it as taking advantage of her grief. Robert was wrong to arouse Melinda’s feelings. In that moment, it seemed her mother wasn’t dead anymore, all that was important was sex. That point for me was a red flag. I’m not putting anything on Melinda here because like Voldemort’s hocrux; I’m sorry this girl is devout to Harry Potter, the remains of herself emotionally after the death of her mother had to cling on to something, that unfortunately was Robert. Melinda did something I don’t like that women do with the Nina Simone stuff, changing their tastes to that of a person they are emotionally attached to. I feel love can happen with people with different interests. There is no need for the synchronization. And her planning for children and all that… another NO. She bought her boyfriend a car, there is no deal in that but his attitude thereafter is questionable.

The cheating part eh, as much as I want to side Melinda, I won’t. Her reaction to Robert’s cheating was too intense. The ruptured ovaries and almost death situation was her fault if you ask me oh, Robert only contributed. She had the choice to drive off, calm down and handle the situation afterwards. Melinda’s anger was a hubris that was too demanding; it cost her a lot. She is lucky life gave her another chance o. Girls, if you know you are still going to forgive a man’s unfaithfulness, don’t start doing investigative journalism. It’s like putting your hand in the flame of a stove you will not dispose of to check if it will burn. Boys, abeg you guys too should stop prostituting up and down.

Las las, after all the activity, Robert came out unhurt. She became barren. This had to be the most annoying part for me, Robert asking Melinda to marry him after she paid approximately $74,000 on his tuition. You don’t have money to pay for your fees, you have not thought of a way to work and support yourself, its marriage that is worrying you. If I had any doubts of Robert’s shadiness, this cleared it totally. Boy was a con artist; I mean a pink plastic ring. What a joke. They would have been just fine dating, there was no need bringing marriage inside. And the way he was using the money ehn, very selfishly. Zero consideration; not even thinking the owner of the money needed it. That was out rightly wrong. She was working two jobs, killing herself for somebody else’s dream, the owner of the dream is there, ‘trying to get a job’. He did not even care about her house if you ask me. If he owned that building, he would exercise no matter how little duty of care. He even opened his mouth and said, ‘at least I did not break anything’.

After breaking the news of being a felon, something he did not say when they tied the knot. He asked her to mortgage her mother’s house, a place her mother worked hard to fully pay for. That hardly resembled affection to me. God bless her kind soul, she mortgaged her mother’s house for another person’s dreams. Robert’s second meeting with Diana eh, nothing pure about it. Asking her out for drinks… shady again! Another level of using a woman as an instrument to facilitate your needs. After it seemed like everything had hit rocks, Melinda did not care about her losses. She just wanted relief. To the confrontation with her sisters, I was pleased that they did not come only with the tough love to reprimand. They also brought a solution with them. I respect that. Robert was worried about Melinda defending him after they left. I feel that woman was a shield for his obstacles.

Robert was very selfish, too selfish. To the breakthrough scene, I have to give Robert a big fail for execution. I mean the Prescott call came right after the one for the delivery. He ought to have called and found out how to kill both birds. Not everything has to be an extreme choice plus ignoring their calls, very bad. I really don’t think he cared about foreclosing Melinda’s house though. I mean not speaking to her after the altercation with her sisters, it was obvious a guilt trip made him do the job. His shield had shattered, he did not like that. Another cheating incident, this time it’s an accusation, I’m sitting on the fence here. A wallet in a vehicle of the girl you caught him once with isn’t enough circumstantial evidence to prove he was cheating. Although, I understand Melinda’s provocation. From her sister being right to the fact that it was the same girl coupled with all that they had been through. But again, the reaction… too intense yet again. I mean destroying the prototype. If she had not done that, this story would have taken a different toll. That thing called anger sha. Although I understand where the pain was coming from though. The office scene assures me that he slept with Diana. On the other hand, I kinda agree with him not taking the deal. The battery was worth more. I mean penny wise, pound foolish. Although, I must mention that the risk was very high. Robert came back to beg because he knew he would be homeless, explains why he did not call her afterwards. I think the divorce was justified, the resentment in Melinda’s heart was too much, living with her sister.

After a rather lengthy first category comes the second ‘Sunder’, it begins with the realization of the divorce. Robert calls Diana, she takes him in to live with her. Robert’s patience pays off and he is offered intellectual ownership of his battery. He shows up at Melinda’s workplace with a cheque of 10 million dollars and the deed to her mother’s house. Although, I admire his generosity and consideration for Melinda, I strongly feel 10 million does not pay for Melinda’s sacrifice of her life to Robert in any way. You cannot put a price on that. Even if you could, 10 million dollars isn’t sufficient. Furthermore, buying back the house doesn’t take back the pain of losing it in the first place. And I can’t stop thinking, Melinda did what she did out of love and not to get paid back so all these should not even be put into consideration. His appreciation of her is choice and not compulsion so I have to give him that. He isn’t that bad.

I am actually disgusted by the nest category ‘Bewail’. This borders around Melinda regretting leaving her man. Seeing the dream that everyone, that she stopped believing come to pass. I actually feel she should not have regretted the divorce. How else was she going to subsist a marriage between two people with so much anger at each other? Lashing out on her sisters and her husband, people who constantly had protected her, loved her and risked themselves for her. That I feel was terribly an error on her path. Going to his penthouse to tempt him, Arrgh. The lingerie took too much space that her self-esteem could not fit in. whatever pain she felt by the rejection here, I feel she deserved it o. I mean him being wealthy doesn’t mean everything between you too automatically gets rosy. A heads up from Robert would have been great sha.

‘Deranged’ follows subsequently. Anger makes Melinda hungry for revenge. She mutilates pictures that she has of Diana and Robert. Melinda files a suit claiming the deal was before the divorce which was clearly misplaced. I do not think that she did it for the money though. She just wanted him to feel as bad as she did. Melinda does not eat or sleep. All she does is stalk Diana on social media. She takes the pain to create an account to troll on Diana. From the restraining order to the hydrochloric acid pouring incident and the pregnancy, I totally get where Melinda will break down mentally. It isn’t the easiest of things to deal with. That the biggest problem I had with Robert, the dreams he sang sweetly to Melinda about were plans for himself and not of the love that they shared not of them together. Right now, I think there is no defending him because even without the divorce, Diana would have still fallen for him; side chicks do all the time. Do you think Robert would have left the new woman who would have facilitated his dreams for Melinda? Think about that. That would have been another good plot by the way. I must add that her sisters and their husbands whom Melinda told bitter words still supported her through the court sessions and stopped her from leaving her house on Robert’s wedding day. Look how easy it was for Melinda to find Diana’s dress, shows how much information we paste on the internet can mar us. The ‘Mrs. Gayle’ boat thing annoyed the hell out of me though. And the way Diana slapped the pregnancy in her face. I cried when Melinda was diagnosed with Borderline Personality disorder which is a mental illness marked by an ongoing pattern of varying moods, self-image and behavior. ssPoor girl… I can imagine how hard it was for her to deal with the mental strain. Mental health is very important guys.

The final category of the plot is titled ‘inexorable’. Melinda appears to terrorize Robert’s honeymoon cruise in this category. I am highly pleased that no harm is done to Diana and her growing fetus. This was to me Robert being attacked by the monster he created. I find it sweet that he still tries to help her even when she tries to kill him. I can’t help the tears where the anchor holds Melinda is held down to drown. For what it’s worth, I hope Robert dies. He cost Melinda too much to be happy.

Conclusively, the answer to the question, who is wrong or right; I feel the world has evolved to the point where opinions are cycles, there is no sharp edge to fall off from. I must state that Robert has more baggage than Melinda was close to having. That man was unhealthy for her. The circumstances were never in favor for Melinda. There was no space to breathe and when the silver lining came. She was not allowed to live in it. For Robert, determination to achieve his dream made him far too self-centered. In this thing called love, it is important that it be a give-get equation. It is extremely dangerous when one person is made to sacrifice, is made to give. I mean, Melinda was living Robert’s dream. That is very hard. Spending your inheritance on someone else without thinking of yourself is foolish and heroic at the same time. This movie is amazing though, good graphics, lighting, sound. It’s the whole package. Big ups to the cast and crew.






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