Hi guys. Im here again with my highly opinionated views. It’s already mid August! This month has been rather swift highlighted with the “na dem dey rush us” syndrome. I can’t wait for Virgo season. Registration for the Permanent Voters Card (PVC) would cease at the end of the month so if you have not gotten one, this is the best time to. The weekend chores should not have been as difficult. It hopefully will be a restive weekend.

I intend to discuss adjectives; not the methods in which they are used. Fat, thin, tall, or short; in its comparative, superlative, or how they are placed in sentences, the list is extensive. I rather pay attention to how they qualify people.

Today, I would like to focus on how adjectives in its usage can create prejudice when used improperly, particularly in addressing the character of a person. Sometimes we say, ‘I do not like Joseph because he is loud’ or ‘Clara you need to lose weight, you are too fat.’ We often inadvertently want to mold or puppet others into what we feel they should be because we want to modify their attributes, probably to make them better humans.

The metaphor, “Variety is the spice of life”, becomes relatable to this discuss. This epigram no matter how frequently used or how casually people take, actually holds a bulk of wisdom in it. All words describing people most times have synonyms and antonyms as well. It subtly shows that if every person is a particular thing, the world will be eventless and boring. As no two humans even identical twins can be entirely same, so does every human in their character formation is unique, so long as the good features balance with the unacceptable ones.

Sometimes, how quick we are to condemn or want to straighten makes me feel that some exacting attributes may become extinct if we listen to everything that could be changed about us. Yes, there are negative and positive attitudes. We should also strive to be as peachy as we could but maybe sometimes we don’t need to change that character, maybe it’s more of us than we even know. Perhaps we should balance these negatives with the positives. We can be really kind but we shouldn’t. We can be really understanding but we shouldn’t. Who knows how the fairytale of Snow White would have played out without her narcissist stepmother?

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