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Adunni,let me be lost in your heart

For i listen not to the Hunter’s trumpet

Adunni,let me go astray in your thoughts

For i give unto you all that i bear.


Let us make a journey for the gods

And see them speaks into us

Let us grace the showcasing of our heritage

And let the dances feed our sight mightily.


Let us take a step into the rocky Ado-ekiti

And listen to ewi’s ewi at udiroko

Let’s take a walk at the feet of olosunta

And listen to the earthen therein.


Let’s mount our camel into ijebu land

And see how ojude oba goes

Let’s make a turn back to osun

And feel the valour of osun-osogbo festival.


let us branch at the Alaafin’s palace

And say hello to iku baba yeye

Ooni will be extremely gracious

To have us see the beautifulness of the Oduduwa staff.


Adunni let’s ¬†climb into fame and splendour

At the Mare festival at idanre

Let us chant the stanzas of olumo anthem

And view the world as it rotates.



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