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Be a Winner

I have heard you stop when you have to stop
I have heard at times its just not meant to be
I have heard you just have to believe you’ve done all you could
But I know this: quitters never win.


What do you make of that young man with his ambitions?
What do you make of him, even after he clocks 40 still ambitious
Obviously knowing that being ambitious is not wrong
What do you think knowing his dream never came true
Do you still say, quitters never win?
Don’t you think it would have been wise, if he quits?


What do I think?
I think dream is never fulfilled,
I think we are not meant to be fully satisfied with an accomplishment or feat,
I think dream transcends,
I think you never get satisfaction being stationary,
I know quitting is more miserable.
I know real success in this world are those who never quits,
They are people who no matter what, press on; whether success or failure,
Wait! Who said success is a reason to stop pursuing?
Or who told us if it doesn’t work it isn’t meant to be,
Success lies in continuity…

By Ajewole Femi S.

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