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Hi guys. It’s another Saturday and as such I will have an opinion to share. ┬áToday is the 11th, falling in the second week of August. Someone I know ties the knot today in addition to a number of people desiring to make what rings in their hearts legal. Happy married life, Joseph. As such, I picked a topic that fits a little under the auspices of marriage and I’m excited to share with you guys. I tried really hard to make it as basic as possible. You know, not all so controversial. Let’s get to business, shall we?

I know countless of ladies in addition to three amazing sisters who are peculiar in their character formations. Same goes for my few friends and plethora of my acquaintances, each having distinct fortes and foundational personality traits. I do not wish to bore you with exhaustive traits that form a person’s psychology but it’s important it is grazed on gently in the discuss to foster a better understanding.

Well, I understand that as ladies we have the inclination better put, orientation to seek validation from people which I think dents how much freedom we have as individuals to express ourselves. We don’t want to smoke, drink, be the absurd nomenclature slayqueen or God forbid be lagging when it comes to our abundant yards of wife material. Don’t misunderstand me, there is nothing wrong in striving to get married but there are healthy attitudes I feel should be adopted in the quest for such but in our immediate society, quite the reverse is the case. There is one that bothers me extremely; when ready to get married, certain of us become “asslickers” to our would-be husband’s family because apparently you want them to like you. You go overboard and do things not even in the line of what you ought to. You subject yourself to some practices because you feel they are best ways to get a commendation from such people. Yourself unadulterated is the best version you could express. If a person does not like it, another will. The adage goes, ‘one man’s meat is another’s poison.’

A surface look at exhaustive things as such may be commendable by a number but not to people like me. I believe you should try as hard to be yourself and not to be as likeable. You should be confident in your person knowing she could be desirable as a friend or whatever to a vast number of people.

By all means, take the reins,create your own standard of beautiful, of acceptacability, of respect and those traits that make you who you are. Let your personality not shape-shift by the people in your life at a particular time. Take a stand for yourself and stay there. I know this reads like its directed to only females, I also am unsure men seek all these kinds of acceptance but there is no harm learning from it though. It could be one of those tingling reminders that surface when you get lost in yourself.

Processes these days do so much bad to self esteem than we can notice. Having just the developmental stages to be yourself and a lifetime to settle is not a balanced equation. You give up these small things which is your whole life by the way to feed the pride of a person who naturally was supposed to love you as much as you loved them. Marriage is not an achievement. It is a personal fulfilment for yourself and the spouse that you find. This thing, “love”, is as beautiful as being female. Don’t let being desperate for something that will transcend to uncertainty, ruin either or both of these ideals. I decided that I was going to make this as short as possible because I understand that with length, things become too elaborate and the point possibly gets lost trying to digest the content of the passage.

As I said at the beginning, I know many amazing women who had different character traits. The magic of it is that those attitudinal features were their essence and what is a person without their essence? The ┬ámoment you feel the need to modify yourself to fit into a place, you probably would have messed with life’s social balance. Every person cannot be a particular thing as variety is known as the spice of life. These girls will thrive because they are what they are and not a walking idea of what somebody told them to be so live as yourself, love as yourself be fulfiiled as yourself and I’m sure you will be happy as yourself.

– Ordiah Sarah

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