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Being single is really not in vogue because even those who are single see it as a problem and don’t even want to cause a trend of being single as well as different. So in every public and private discussion it is easy to find someone bringing up a relationship talk. This is good, however not with the hype that insults singleness. Singleness is beautiful, to walk confidently to the bus stop or drive your own car to the office, to take yourself to the cinema and watch a movie with your popcorn beside you, in other words, to learn the art of loving, cherishing and building the person called you without the help of anyone.

Singleness takes you away from relying in someone to tell you how you complete him or her because you are actually a whole being and not half. And so, the benefits in my own little way are:

1. Seeking personal goals: it is admirable to set future goals involving a husband or wife-to-be but it is greater when you can learn to till your own farm without supervision. Being single allows you to take personal decisions and set goals with the freedom that it’s about you and not him/her/both of us. It helps you lay your focus on one thing at a time. Being single helps you to dream personally and in fact learn to be responsible for your life. Of you can be responsible with your dream and tour life, you will learn to be responsible for others in the nearest future.

2. Place of growth: In studying agricultural science, I got to understand that plants are healthier when they have a portion to themselves and the grow easily that way. For instance, a little plant can easily release its nutrients to a stronger plant if they grow too closely. Being single is like a plant having the rain, the sun and most importantly it’s own portion of the earth/ resources. It allows for a place of personal growth and maturity. You may never learn your weaknesses or strengths until you are standing alone, this is what growth is needed for. Not to be misquoted, a relationship leading to marriage is healthy but when at the right time with two mature people. This maturity can only be attained by a place of personal growth. Your partner can easily prey on you even if he/she is not willing to if you lack personal growth.

3. Personal experiences: I sometimes wonder at how some people can hardly describe personal experiences without a particular person in the picture. They sometimes find it hard to appreciate their very own presence because it is not enough. Being a couple may take away opportunities of personally experiencing some events and sometimes meeting new people and activities as simple as playing. These things may prove unnecessary in the eyes of your partner but as a single lady or man, you can easily take hold of them. One of the best experience I have ever had was the first time I attended a wedding alone because a friend that was supposed to accompany me disappointed me. I felt I would disappear since I had no one to talk to but on the contrary I was able to assimilate the environment better and I faired more than I feared. I had developed in such a short time great confidence in myself. These personal experiences involve tasks; as a single you can approach any task alone and these tasks give you a sense of confidence even when you fail and encouragement when you are all alone to do that yourself. Your personal experiences are recorded feats while your experiences with a partner may be recorded as memories.

4. Time: time seems to be far too fast for a lot of people but I guess a lot faster for married couples. There‚Äôs always something to do. It drives them into a lot of stress, worry and confusion. The extended responsibility may not be on you as a single except in some cases where the immediate family might be a cause of concern yet it’s never like your own home. There’s just no time but the strength of a single youth is his time and how well he can make it available for opportunities.

Before you rush into the relationship or marriage think of enjoying your singleness. It’s never going to happen again. So discover yourself before hanging unto someone else. If one party in a relationship refuses to discover himself or herself before jumping into it, the progress of such relationship in every area will be slowed down.

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