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Big, Bold and Beautiful?

Hi there, it’s Saturday. It’s quite obvious you will be hearing from me again. The month of August has unfolded rather smoothly. Let me just take out the time to wish myself and my twin sister a happy twentieth birthday in advance. It’s weekend and I do hope that this week aside the chores, you could pick up a piece of fiction. I’m not talking about a magazine or blog posts. I do hope that you could pick up a novel or if you do not have much time, a novella. If you aren’t so much of the book type, try Scrabble or a Crossword Puzzle. I, myself have been obsessed about a word game nubbed ‘wordlink’ for a while.

Last week, we discussed adjectives. Not the methods in which they are used but the properties they hold. Today, I would rather linger on the tenets of the topic and dwell on adjectives that qualify size. As I write this, a Meghan Trainor song All About That Bass rings in my subconscious. That song, a seemingly regular pop song rings a certain kind of empowerment for plus size women inviting them to love themselves as they are. Ironically, I must say, Megan did not see the need to abide by her words, yes recently, she shrunk in size. I’m not too familiar with her reasons. However, she probably was not so all about that bass.

The most popular and most likely the broadest ways of identifying size are the adjectives ‘fat’ and ‘thin’. The former is as it stands today a thing of pride. It represents being swift, fit and more presentable. The latter most times is associated with being sluggish, rigid and ugly. Yes I said ugly. I am a size 14 and if I was given #50 each time someone told me ‘you are fat but you are beautiful.’ I would give Aliko Dangote a run for his money. I’m sorry I would dwell more on the plus size because I have never had the chance to ever refer to myself as slim.

Being plus size means automatically being extra aware of yourself. You do not want to show off the lovehandles, God forbid the flabby arms see the light of day. The rate at which dresses do not fit can depress you. There is an extra awakening from the world because remaining fat means you are too lazy to work out. There are other horrid things that may happen to you. All can safely fall under the auspices of “body shaming”. I do not know the travails of being a size 2 or anything of that sort. However let’s imagine they have them. Brings me to the question: why do we have to demonise being a particular way when the epigram ‘Variety is the spice of life’ hovers around us?

I understand that being fat can have its come health wise. It does not automatically mean that slim people have a right to immortality. Yes, hypertension or cardiac arrest make my life all the more transient but You as well could die of AIDS, poison or be struck by a thunder bolt. I must add that being slim does not necessarily mean health. I had this friend whom a light breeze could pick off the ground effortlessly yet she was diagnosed with having cholesterol accumulating her heart region. So las las something must kill man.

We are constantly called to love ourselves; doing that isn’t at all hashtagging photographs ‘selflove’ whenever our romantic entanglements hit rock bottom. It is the conscious effort to accept ourselves, the love handles, flabs, bone-filled asses and straight silhouettes encompassing this love. Appreciating ourselves for what we are.

I am in no way lambasting anyone who feels discomfort with being fat and would love to shed weight. I admire the lot of them but in as much as the option to loose weight exists, the alternative to keep it should be upheld. So the next time you want to give Clara your unsolicited advice on how to loose weight, ask yourself if she is comfortable the way she is. Advise yourself that she is sure to have a mirror in her house and sees her body size and would do something about it if she needs to. I mean if every person strolled around as a size 2. The world will be boring and the word ‘thin’ would hardly be appreciated.

I cannot end today’s talk without expressing how much I loathe the award ‘big, bold and beautiful ‘. What does that even mean? Furthers the point of fat people being seen as ugly while adding that a lot of us are shy and as such the ones that stand out for being bold and beautiful deserve prizes. Nonsense.
All that said, I encourage every person to love their flabs and bones. Appreciate themselves the way they are. Being what they want to be and not what the crowd thinks they should be. Have a great weekend everyone.

written by Ordinah Sarah

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