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There is a great rush in us, so much fire for passion in youths that it sometimes feels like a bomb waiting to explode and indeed the pressure makes it hard for this bomb not to go off. The question which seems to be quite bothersome is where does sexual purity stand?

There’s so much to cause a stir in the hearts of youths even among the married who struggle to be faithful, with the wrong information backing it up. Sexual purity is simply a state of abstaining from every form of sexual immorality; it is being chaste till marriage. So how can we abstain?

Firstly, learn to be honest with yourself, you have a right to choose exactly what you want. You can choose to submit to the desire of the moment or be firm by telling the thoughts of it off as it starts from the mind. Be honest with yourself when someone says “I love you”, just in case this person is being sincere without ulterior motives but has set off butterflies in you. If you just had a crush; big or small, please start by telling yourself, yes, (don’t hide it and shudder in it, it only brings fear to face yourself) and now the next thing to do is not to water the seed, hold the seed of thought (your crush) and decide that you know what you want, you wish to keep yourself honorable for your marriage bed. Don’t build on thoughts that will end up in regrets, you either throw the seed in your hand away or plant it. Sexual purity works with your mind. I was walking down the street about to catch a taxi when something caught my attention, not something you’d likely consider in this subject matter but important. I saw a naked mad man speaking to himself and standing at the bus stop. You couldn’t help but stare not because he was mad but because he was naked and mad, carefree about the fact that he was and quite comfortable. I came to a realization that indeed there are vices around us which we have no connection over, a half naked lady in an advert for fuel (absolutely no connection) and we have a generation according the excuse to what we see but more than 70% would run if the same lady or macho man on TV was the mad man on the street. We wouldn’t let the seed grow, we wouldn’t stir desires to lay with him or her because he/she is mad. The same way which we wouldn’t wish on normal and moral observation to lay with our very own blood. This is the power of information in connection to our thoughts towards the friend which we are overcome with lust for. It is hard stabbing your own body, refusing it but if you don’t get the right information coupled with the tempting sights you see, it would almost be impossible to be sexually pure. Admit that you do have something called your private body parts, an opposite gender has it too, they exist so it shouldn’t be new if you accidentally stumble on pictures or naked mad men or women. Insist to remember playing as children with only your underwear without any motive; just coming together to play. Inform yourself that you can control this body if you did then. If you don’t jump on mad people or get sexually excited on seeing them, you can inform yourself that you aren’t mad and have self control. There is great honor in keeping yourself for your partner and it doesn’t matter what the world is saying there are still people who are different. There’s an exciting experience awaiting you when you get married; there are fun stuffs to do as you let out the little children in yourselves as married partners, and honorable sexual partners. This wouldn’t be complete if we fail to realise people who are sexually active already and wish to be sexually pure. It takes a firm stand, you may fall but never judge yourself, guilt doesn’t take away the deed…forgive yourself and be firm with your decisions. The more you submit to having sex outside marriage even with your fiance or fiancée (not your husband or wife), you risk unfaithfulness and lack of trust in marriage. Like I said earlier, there’s so much fun awaiting you, zip up- wait, there’s nothing as satisfying as the right time to something. P.S: A quick note, dear husband/wife do your best to have varieties for your partner, be as open as possible and you’ll never regret allowing your marriage bed undefiled.

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