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CHANGE! The year 2020 has unfolded a new chapter in the book of our lives. We were caught unawares and so unprepared for the call to rewrite our lives afresh. The change, definitely will influence our mindsets, environment and the standards set by us. The question now is how will it influence us, positively or negatively?

The expectations of virtually everyone are that we go back to normalcy which seems almost impossible but 100% possible in a new way if only we can carefully analyze the whole situation irrespective of the noisome pandemic, COVID-19. But really, how can we figure out the route to normalcy when our minds are saturated with anxiety? The first step to consider in this journey to normalcy, is to calm down!

These two words have the capacity to evaporate temporarily the things that cause our emotions to rumble with tendencies of creating a violent strike on self or anyone. It is very essential to calm down in both happy, lively, or moody and saddening situations because it helps to relax the nerves of the body, granting the brain the strength to properly identify, analyze as well as proffer solutions to the issue at hand.

A core benefit for those who are Christians is that they enjoy the divine direction from God. Try calming down, it saves you from wasting time, money, and unnecessary stress detrimental to your health. Always remember to stay safe, simple, and smart because your health matters!

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