Bound with chains
Fighting through pains
No window of liberty
Nor hope of serenity
Sneering at the peace
The meaning of a release
Yet not able to pay
The cost of freedom’s way

The chains are non physical
The pains of life are mental
Not everyone can see
How can they pay the fee
Freedom stands at the end of a tunnel
Hoping I’d squeeze myself through a funnel
The funnel of hope in my mind
That someday freedom would be kind

Freedom isn’t kind
It is something you learn to find
It is a struggle
You learn to rumble
It is a choice to make
A chance to wake
An opportunity to speak up
Or die silently continuing the loop


Freedom starts the day you see yourself as a freeman, the day you let life’s worries pass you by. The day you decide to empty yourself off the chains that seem to bind you mentally, physically and emotionally. It may be a struggle but friend, you’re on your way there because you ignite the hope in freedom

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