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Through My Window

Through you, I find the mysteries of life,
I sit by and stare at the ticking of time.
I ponder on why it’s filled with strife,
And how from apple turns to lime.
Every morning you show me the beauty of nature,
Not corrupted, not a caricature,
through you, secrecy is defined
only to be unleashed by the refined.
Young and old you all contain,
never to be found of disdain.

I reach out to you and you show me no fears
Show me trees, and that of pears.
Beside you, I feel winds of words,
Even as I pray to the good Lord.
I listen carefully as it comes by,
Take it down before it goes bye-bye.

At night you beautify the moon,
I lay down and wish I could be in it.
I reach out to you and feel like I own the moon,
spherically and in all its bits.
Through you, I can give life meaning,
Just as you regularly give me a new beginning.
When I leave, I hope to be you,
Containing all and having all your hue.

Winds of Love and Words by Kolawole Mayowa (Zr Writes)

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