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Sweet Sour, Sour Sweet by Kolawole Mayowa

“Sweet sour, sour-sweet”,
I kept thinking as I walk by the street,
I’ve never seen one so drowned in deceit,
I moaned so hard, clenching my fists.

A beauty filled with thorns,
I couldn’t but rather choose the devil with horns.
At my sight, her ego gets so turned on,
Makes me wonder where exactly she came from.

Her words pierce faster than that of a sharpened needle –
cutting through my veins, right there at the middle.
She was a puzzle, a concealed riddle
that I tried to solve with my fiercest handle

With her, I became accused
of a crime that took my respect with all dues.
I left not being surprised of how it’s all cruel,
I left even when I knew she was my most undeserving fuel.

I realized the moment you allow people to walk you by,
You lose that part of yourself that has kept you on high.
I bowed my head, lifted my heart not to give up the try,
And turned to myself to set my standards to prove so crucial.

I returned to the battlefield to pick up my guts,
I took my spear, and targeted my most wanted shot,
I took the shot, and from the other side got a cut
from her, through her heart, into her deepest thought.

I turned the tables, changed the fables,
As she couldn’t figure out how I was able.
To turn my weakness into fierceness,
my quietness into fullness.

Staring at her, I could feel the wind blowing,
All along she was the vein that kept my blood flowing,
In her eyes I again found love,
This was my dream, sweet and sour.

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