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A Day I Couldn’t Forget

On a cold winter evening,
I took a walk and noticed a star, far in the clouds, beaming,
I lifted my hands to say hello,
Like it’s my long-time awaited fellow.
It was smiling at me with so much radiance,
bright-yellowish and graceful in its appearance,
I could hear it speak to me,
With so much happiness I couldn’t but feel.

It was my only friend amongst the fierce winds,
My only companion better than what life has to bring,
With it, I found a reason to smile
and not think about how fruitless was my journeyed miles.
It then spoke softly to me about hope,
goodwill, and heaven’s will to make me cope.
I had given up to face my burdened fate,
But I was restored, with a renewed faith.

Days over days,
Years over years,
I tried to make hay,
All futile and now I’m here.
The star brought me alive,
I couldn’t hide my joy in between those weary eyes.
My night may be full of what I call life,
Yet morning comes to turn my grief into byes.

All in this, I saw what was to let
me understand that all we need is a glitter of hope into the skies,
a string of faith to support our cries,
and maybe it could be just that day we couldn’t forget.


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