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Mother by Kolawole Mayowa

They say women are the beauties of life,
Without them, men will fail to strive,
But there’s a woman who defines life,
With her, humanity has a chance to strive.

For her infant, she stands for survival,
Even in church, she stays for revivals,
Her appetite in exchange for the little,
Just to feed her most desired little.

Every day she prays to the supernatural,
Just to see her fruits surpass the natural.
Even when there’s nothing to feed on
She wipes her tears and makes her fruits carry on.

On cold nights, she’s the shelter,
Her warmth deeper than that of a raging fire,
She takes the snow, treads on the snowflakes and litters,
Just to fulfill her fruits’ only desire.

If she was a piece of music to the ears,
Her chords will be completed with just a note,
If she was a knight with a spear,
Then, countless enemies, will she smote.

I searched around and found no one worthy,
of possessing a mother’s love so trustworthy,
a mother makes the sunshine where it is not,
because of them, we feel life’s beauty rather than hurt.

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