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Life takes turns,
Turns that show us beautiful things trend.
Mine has taken a turn,
A beautiful turn to you, my friend.
Just like a world made for two,
You are always there for me.
In times of doubles of trouble too,
You’re there to stay by me.
Having many friends springs joy,
Families? Great love, I’d say!
Yet many of them stand as a decoy,
There to celebrate my silent wounds in all ways.
You assure me all will be fine,
Tell me my weary face has no line.

In you, I see and find hope
and all assurances that I can cope.
Tell me how best to celebrate you,
And see how I’ll call the finest of the finest.
Teach me how to cherish you,
And see how I’ll treat you as the noblest.
People will come and go in our lives,
But a true friend will always stand by,
Others may have their say about you,
Yet a true friend will correct their say about you.
So I leave this to all out there:
Be that friend who never deceives.

Winds of Love and Words by Kolawole Mayowa (ZR Writes)


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