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One day while having my hair cut at the barber’s shop, something struck me from how he did his job. My good old barber started carving from the front of my hair to the back. He was done carving the front and it looked so fine and complete. I stood up to take my leave and at that point he asked me to wait. I asked why and he added, “it’s just the front sir, I’m not done with the back”. The truth is that the process isn’t complete till the carver/creator says so.


This is how we all love to stand up and take our leave because everyone who notices our talents say, “Wow! You should start publicity immediately”. You immediately accept the words and you just can’t wait to show what you’ve got.


When people see your work from the front, they expect more when they check the background of your work. If they see nothing, it’s obvious you rushed in and will rush out. The process is necessary, a good front needs a good background. When we see a nice garden in front of a house, we expect a beautiful house.


As we walk the streets, your eyes seem to get attracted to a lot of people till you hear them speak. Light travels faster than sound, the beauty of people attract you till you hear them speak.  Their manner of approach gives a hint of their background. That is when you decide to remain an acquaintance or to become a friend. People love the front but the back will sustain you when you get to the top.


The “background” is an embodiment of who you truly are. It is your identity. The talent may be like pure and clear water but the cup may still need to pass through a process.


Completing the process means taking time to not only work on your talent but also yourself. Your talent may be able to provide you with millions of dollars but your identity and character needs to be able to handle it.


In completing the process, you start small and learn the importance of growth. Growth makes you realise how to manage your achievements. It is growth that enables you to bridle your tongue, it helps you separate your needs from your wants. If you rush into the social life, you will rush out. Those who remain there ¬†and become relevant have character. A good character, I must say isn’t built in a day, it’s a process.


God, I know is the best barber. God is investing so much time in you and because He is carving out a nice shape, some hair must go, some attributes must leave and a new style seen. We only see our charisma and forget about pride. We see our beauty and forget about courtesy. All these processes are completed through experiences you may never forget. The bad times are stories for your success story. Those who skip this stage have themselves to blame. God keeps saying to a lot of people, “Wait! I’m not done yet”

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