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Me: Hi, Hi, Pops!!!

God: [Silent]
Me: Pops, whatagwan?

God: [Silent]
Me: Ahn, ahn, you won’t answer me?

God: Ada!!!!
Me: Yes, my love. Speak your daughter listeneth…

God: Ada!!!
Me: No think m, tell me. Talk your mind.

God: Ada!!!
Me: Ok, ok, I can explain. Let me explain [scratches head]. Pops, you see ehnn, hmmm… It’s not like that o, no be as you take think m really. 

Hmmmmm, the story is long ooo, kai! Shey you will not just forgive me let’s leave the long story.

God: [Silent]
Me: Okay, I will talk. First of all, no vex. I am your Ada na, you sef know. But you see this “lifeing”, it wanted to kill me. Life wanted to choke me, I was basically living on a thread, and I know that thread is YOU!

 I know I should have come back, I know I should have been here regardless… But God, this is me! This is Chinelo, unworthy as I am, human in all its entirety, a mere mortal.

I give up at times, I lose faith, I know you are my daddy, but there are times where I don’t even want to listen to you, I don’t want to hear your thoughts nor do your will, times where I really just want a breather, times where I am tired of being in your army and I want to just BREATHE!!!

So, God… That’s it! It’s been what I will call a tumultuous season, a lot happened. Pops ehhn, you still calm down because I came with GIST!!! Gist from A LOT!!!

God: You this girl… Well, I am sure that you know I will always be HERE! 

I am Abba for a reason, I do not forsake my own, but I leave you to make your choices and I respect them. I won’t force anything on you, Chinelo. I propose, you obey or do what you want, my stubborn geh.

Me: Even tho, even tho…

God: Come here… [fits me into a warm and big hug]

Me: [After enjoying the hug, and letting the tears flow seamlessly]
See, you missed me too. See as you are hugging me now, you are doing big God, tough man, but you missed me na. See you!

God: What of you? Small hug I say let me hug you, you want to choke me, see as you held on to me like I want to run away. Thankfully, you can’t suffocate me, I am the AIR itself.

Me: You want to show yourself na abi? Ehhhn, me sef I am your daughter so I have bragging rights. Everybody come ooooo, my Father has the whole earth! My Father is a big man, daddy wey dey pamper, clear road for the ultimate Princess!!!

God: It’s your show, enjoy it.
Me: At least I can brag with you, you now, who will you brag with as you are EVERYTHING!

God: Try to start behaving well so you can be my bragging right…
Me: Small play, small play you haff carry gun [side eye].

God: Welcome home my Ada, yes, I have missed you. I love you, even when you stray, my love is undying. 

In your sin, my love is constant. In your confusion, my love stands true. My love never fails! Always remember, I am FATHER. Not as a title, but as a position. I AM HERE! Chinelo, I am here.

Me: I know Daddy

[Runs into my Daddy’s arm, and we hug in silence]

To be continued…


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