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This will be the first conversation with God I’m writing this year. All others you’ve been reading, I wrote them last year.

Ada: Hey Pops, it’s so refreshing to write you again in 2021. Like yo! I made it here. This is 2021.
God: Yes, my daughter you made it.

Me: Daddy it’s been a learning curve, it’s not been exactly easy, but I’m glad I’m here.
God: As you should be. So, tell me… What’s on your mind?

Ada: Love daddy. I’m thinking about love.
I’ve seen love change a lot in humans these past months. I’ve seen people surviving hard experiences because they had love in their corner. I have come to know that indeed there’s something love does to the heart of men.
Daddy: The greatest thing that can happen to man is for him to find love. I am Love and he who finds me is covered.
Through the stormy days, love comforts. In Joy, love rejoices, in sickness love heals, in pain love restores. Love is indeed the greatest.

Ada: Yes, daddy. But I have a question, how do we find this genuine love. I know you got my back always but I also know I’m on earth because I also need the physical love.
God: Very well my daughter, love is always somewhere, love is always in abundance, love is just seeking for a ready heart.
Love doesn’t come to just good people, love is in itself not deserving, but it comes because it is love.|
All you need do Ada’m is to be open to receive love. Be open and love will come.
When the vessel is ready, love comes.

Ada: My Awesomeness, the one I’ve come to love. Thank you Daddy for the tip.
Daddy: Before you go Ada, I want to let you know this. I am your Father and I love you. It doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do, I love you. In your inconsistent ways, I love you. In all you do Ada’m, I still love you. Always remember you shall forever have the love of Abba.

Ada: Thank you daddy, I love you too.



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