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In my room lying down.

God: Ada’m how are you?
Me: Paale I’m going through a lot right now, but I trust the process.

God: That’s good, a lot is going on in heaven right now, lots of needs, everyone is busy. I thought of you and decided to check on you amidst the workload.
Me: You na my person, anytime any day. No levels for devil. Though I’m not at my best right now, but I can assist with a thing or 2. What problem can I solve?

God: My daughter in whom I’m well pleased, you gladden my heart. Okay, Agatha is a lady that’s about to lose her husband, I will make your paths cross tomorrow, kindly give her a piece of advice that will keep the marriage and follow her up.
Clinton is having a crisis with his dad concerning his choice of religion. He is the young man who said hello to you last night, share your experience with him and let him know that it’s all in the process.
Me: Consider it done daddy.

God: I’m ever proud of you Ada’m.

2 weeks later…

God: Ada Nkem…
Me: Paale of the whole world, after you, na still you, na you be alpha con still be omega. Na you be author still be the finisher. Dem no reach! Who divide red sea? Na you my paale, Kai! Who woke up on the third day? I say dem no reach. Who make manna fall from heaven? Ahn Ahn, shey dem wan whine me ni… Who give Mary belle without intercourse? Baba your doings be like winch😂. But even the greatest winch no reach. Parakwa tuwale Chi’m (take the glory Lord).

God: (blushing seriously and beaming) Ada, Ada, Ada Nkem… She who I created and called blessed, my very beloved. My voice to the generation.
Me: My hype pass your own o😂, you like big English. Be like you go use tongues hype me🤣🤣.

Both laughs…

Me: I like you o, chai! Anyway, I’m done with the tasks you assigned, it went so well. Do you know I got answers to my worries while on the healing process with Agatha and Clinton? Their stories helped me heal too, even faster. They thought I did all the good, they will never know how much they taught me. That was a great task, I found fulfilment doing it. I will be back for more.
God: You have started eating solid food and understanding spiritual dealings. You gain wisdom so fast and learn the lessons of the fathers easily. I’m ever proud.

Me: Thanks, daddy…

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