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God: Adankem, how are you?
Me: Daddy I’m OK, trying to understand the times.

God: This to shall pass! So what are you up to?
Me: I’ve been up to a thing or 2, taking new courses and finishing old ones. I have plans of having a retreat with you too.

God: Oh yes, that’s awesome
Me: How’s it up there?

God: We are doing very well, answering many requests and sending peace to the world. Ada, do you know that all things will work together for those who believe?
Me: I have no doubts about that.

God: All I want you to do is, constantly key in.
I have so many things to tell you, so come from time to time to receive instructions on what to do.
Me: I will Papa.

God: Tell the people within your reach that all is well, they should however position themselves to receive what I plan to give. I am the Lord your God, the Holy one of Israel, I never fail.
Me: You will never ever fail, we trust you too much.

God: Keep doing what you do, keep learning too. The darkest time of the day, is just before dawn. You are close, keep faith alive!
Me: Thanks Daddy, I love you deeply.

God: I love you more Adankem.

The End!

I hope you gained insights…..
What did you learn?


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