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You must learn to caution your friends… Don’t join others in hailing what is condemnable. As much as friends should encourage each other, so should friends caution each other also when errors are committed.

Even if your friends do not like it. You must be wise in your approach, be mindful of the time and place.

And to you that feels your friends can’t call you to order because you’re richer or more influential than them…Hmm. Your end is nearer than you think.

Written by : Tolulope O.


  1. What if your friend feels you acting kinda a not too much and do not feels to share stuffs with you because to her you always point out the wrong in every situation.?

    1. I believe there’s what is called constructive criticism and destructive criticism… Some persons are bad mouthed that what should be a friendly advice is dished out very harsh and could break the soul. Empathy is key here!

      2. We must learn to pace our corrections especially if the person you’re trying to advice is not too keen on corrections. Correct at intervals. It also allows it to sink in

      3. Again I feel we should be empathetic in correction. Try out other things other than TOUGH love. Remember the objective is to see a positive change in that person and not to chase them away!

      I hope I have been able to answer your question?

  2. Thank you ABIOLA.

    1. You must be conscious of where and when such discussions would take place. It is best you correct when the guilty party is not in a bad mood and also when it’s not in the public eye.

    2. Be persistent. Some persons hardly take to corrections at one attempt until one repeatedly correct them. But remember to correct in love

    3. Above all, pray for your friend. God is a specialist in changing people.🤗


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