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One of the reasons many hide things from their partner most likely come from past experiences. In a Relationship it is advised that both have a full disclosure.

However, some partners do not have emotional intelligence and each mistake shared would be met with a long period of quarrel and blames, which makes the other rescind on the agreement for full disclosure.

I have come to understand that some persons cannot handle full disclosure, you may hate yourself at the end for disclosing 10/10 of your mistakes or reservations.

Written by : Tolulope O.


  1. We must be able to know the threshold point of our partner. So I wouldn’t say keep things away from your partner but know their limit and if your partner has underlying health issues (Hypertension stroke etc…), It is best you shield them from full disclosure…if you cherish them staying alive.

    Secondly, we have people who cannot handle bearing another man’s mistake. They’re sometimes unforgiving… There’s this saying “when you’ve successfully buried your past avoid friends with shovel”

  2. Hmmm,true talk bro,but my question is,will you now keep things from from your partner because of their inability to handle stuffs

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