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One of the dangerous statements to tell a depressed person is “do WHATEVER makes you happy”.

The reason is because it is a directionless statement. If and if this person picks up a bad habit in a bid to let the pains go away all in the name of “whatever thing makes me happy” this could at the long run boomerang and cause a ripple effect that might not go away easily.

It gives momentary “pleasure” that seemly soothes the wound, but bad habits acquired and attached to during depression may not really stop when the depression finally subsides. Be careful of what you do when you’re down!

Written by : Tolulope O.


    1. Thank you Oluwatobi for always following each post.

      Now down to your question…
      I’m not a professional psychologist but I think that dealing with a depressed patient is more than few words of advice on paper. So I may not be able to give a A-Z of what to do. In this part of our world we frown at seeing a certified professionals on depression because we feel it’s only for “mad” people. However the point of this post is to address things we negatively get addicted to while we are down emotional just to take our minds off the issues.
      Sometimes when we’re weak to pray we should get or surround ourself with people who would be willing to stand in the gap for us… And we often trivialise this strategy when things are “down”


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