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Please normalize doing good business with any lady without sexually abusing them or wanting to have sexual relations with them.

One would then think Christians shouldn’t be part of this…So some years ago, a senior supervisor who is also a pastor denied a lady of her promotion because she did not give in to his advances and to think they are both from the same church. 

Sigh! And you are surprised that the women are fighting back now… fighting ugly too. A friend of mine wonder why I desist my female friends from taking up any marketing jobs (apologies to those that are doing legit sales jobs), now you have the answer.

Written by : Tolulope O.

1 thought on “DEAR STEVE

  1. This is what happens when men see ladies as sex dolls only, sexual harassment every where, even those who are supposed to be God’s mouthpiece are found guilty too. God have mercy!

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