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What! The divergence of thoughts and speech

The immodesty of promiscuous words,

And then our hearts an helpless Pilate,

Releasing Barnabas, at the expense of the Just.

Man’s unholy devotion,

the revelation of his beastly passion,

professing love just to break her walls,

and lay his hands on her towers.

Isn’t this a distortion on his part?

For she’s Arewa only when she lays bare.

Gentle passion in the closet but tantrums and war in open fields,

Are these not deviations from Edua’s intention?

Weep, weep, o thou Jeremiah, for this course weep,

For thou knows the thought of the Ancient

Let the Oracle be made known,

Preach on the reward of hate sowed.

Then can we seek to learn of Oludumare,

And level our hills by knowing his way,

Then love we’ll see, then Edua’s Will shall reign.



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