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Do you really Care?

Arm’s length is too close
The pose is beyond a meter
Everyone is a suspect
Expect no open affection
Except of course, media hugs and kisses.

Do you really care?

Your voice has been an echo
Fading with time from subtleties of distance and change
You remembered me

Do you really care?

Play the fool here
Weave with pretence
That you still wouldn’t run back to your space
If circumstances were different

Do you really care?

Isolation speaks boldly
Who your friends are really
Bless your heart to think work was it all
For now we know who kicks the final ball

Do you really care?

Amaze me now
Mend the ties
Hope with me that you aren’t reaching out
Because you feel death is around the corner

Do you really care?

That we are going to pass this stage
Life is going to keep rolling its dice
I would still be here
Would you really care when this is over?

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