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When you make a few turns in front of the mirror what comes to your mind? Sometimes there is a big motive to really impress and other times just a fix so you can look sane and ready to leave your house. These motives however play a role in our subconscious mind.

The more we choose to impress, the harder it is to actually do and so we move towards the point of becoming fake. We get ready to do the extra to keep up with our pace of creating an impression even if it means borrowing.

The essence of dressing is to cover up ourselves as well as going by the theme of whatever occasion we find ourselves, this in fact may not be necessary if working with what you have. Dressing is in relation to how you want to be addressed. It speaks volumes of how you are to be addressed.

If you must impress, remember that if your dress sense loses its relevance in which case you cannot be addressed properly, you also lose a good impression too. There are occasions which may require an outstanding and lasting impression, for instance, a presentation, a first date, your graduation etc. yet good reasoning calls for moderation; don’t go to the extreme to prove a point. True beauty comes from within, but you could even lose a chance at expressing that beauty if your appearance is misunderstood.

If you can remember the clothes worn by every friend of yours for every occasion without looking at pictures it would show how important dresses are. But no, clothes are meant to be used not to create an impression all the time but to ensure that you are addressed properly.

Overtime, a lot of people get joined or addressed with people they don’t know because of their dressing. It could turn out really embarrassing to be called a prostitute or a thief because of your dressing. This has been played out times without number in front of me by the police and other authorities. Please avoid this at all cost because you may call for unnecessary attention and it would automatically kill your self-esteem.

You may not wear the most expensive attire but be expensive with the content you have to deliver and be moderate with what you wear. Never dress to impress but dress to be addressed properly.

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