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7 pm that evening had to be the coolest of all evenings. Dressed in a plain tee with my usual loafers and black jeans, waiting for my friend, Brittany. While in the wait, thoughts about my last conversation with mom seemed to hover around my head. This started to infuse the urge to ask her out to be my girlfriend at least we are in 300 level going to 400. Like mom said, you will never know when the time is right until it is too late (with the conclusion in my heart to ask her out that evening, she walked in). Hmm, somebody is looking so pretty that my photochromic lenses had to transition dark because she is too fair to behold. “Apologies for the 3-minute lateness, had to pick up something thing” (she said).

Exactly past 1 hour 30 minutes into our dinner date, my brain began to process how I would ask her to be my girlfriend. I reasoned how quiet the place was, in case she decided to embarrass me by shouting. For a second thought, she had said she was not even annoyed with me that I should forget about what happened back then (Her expressions so far have been friendly, I guess God is on my side tonight). Brittany, I want to tell you something very serious (I literally could hear my heartbeat as it doubled its rate). “What is it, dear”? you know how close we have been over the years, what we have shared and how we have come this far. WILL YOU PLEASE BE MY GIRLFRIEND? (Immediately she heard that she burst into laughter for over a minute and said) “No! No!! No!!!” Why did you respond like that with tears rolling down your eyes? are you okay?
“No way, this can not be happening” (she cried profusely), you are making me feel so uncomfortable right now. What I am trying to say is that I sincerely love you. (she cuts-in angrily in tears) No, you can not love me, you don’t know anything about me, you don’t know how I am feeling, my life and everything. (Shouted in annoyance as an expression of my feelings to her) what do you mean? I have always admired you for the longest of time. Is it a sin to love you? Hey, please cut me all this drama and answer my question. WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND?? (in further distress, she removed her wig) “Ayo, let me ask you a question, can you fall in love with someone who has Acute myeloid leukemia with a relative survival of 28.7%? Ayo, can you fall in love with someone who has just one year to live on this planet earth? can you fall in love with me with all these problems?” (To be continued next week Wednesday).

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