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(I have never been so speechless in my life after hearing those questions, not forgetting the fact that she removed her wig that covered her head with no single strand of hair, this involved life, and death) with my eyes condensed with tears about to precipitate, I went on my knees pleading for my wrong way of behavior as well as sympathized with her. I boldly said I will always love you irrespective of your terminal illness, don’t be skeptical about falling in love. If I am the only person who genuinely falls in love with you, I am willing to make the remaining one year left last forever. I ask you again on my knees, WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND? (Looking straight into my eyes, on her knees, holding my hands) “I am willing to be your girlfriend if my last days will be fulfilling”. The dinner date ended with a twist of sympathy, trust, and love.

I got the latest mail from Mr. Harrison as my exams were fast approaching with him stating my new performance cut-off as 4.80 CGPA since I struggled to attain it in the first semester. Now, he claims I still have the opportunity to hit that target in this upcoming second-semester exams “since 4.78 is close, just a little more effort and you are there” he said. I suggested to Mr. Harrison to reduce the workload since exams are fast approaching and with Brittany in the equation, I think i need to focus on making her dreams of living her last days fulfilling.

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