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I still cannot believe that the girl I have always admired is stuck with a terminal illness that has given her the last card of living for just a year with no mercy of a second chance. I’ve been trying to figure out how to live life achieving everything she wants in a year. I need to create a bucket list for her. Number one on her bucket list will be to visit orphanage homes sharing lots of things since she has often expressed her tenderness towards children and putting a smile on their faces. Skydiving will be the next on her list, she is adventurous, one of the reasons I love her. Third, on the list, learn a skill. I think photography will be ideal since she loves taking pictures and it will be easier since I will teach her the basics. Fourthly, boat cruising… the very last but not the least, graduate as a Certified Nurse, hopefully. This 400 level is the starting point. The night fades with these thoughts in mind.

I called my girlfriend to meet at our regular location, told her I had a surprise. (She has always been a fan of surprises) “Babe, what’s up, you have got a surprise for me?” yes and it is titled OUR BUCKET LIST TO A FULFILLED YEAR. Ever since you told me everything, I haven’t been myself and I came up with a list of things we would do together. First on the list is to visit 10 different orphanage homes, for your love for children is unfathomable. Secondly, learning a skill like photography will give us the chance to take lots of pictures, you can always be my muse while I will be the man behind the camera to capture every moment… and the very last but not the least on this list is to graduate from this university as a Certified Nurse. (Her facial expression seemed very unpredictable, but with tears rolling down her eyes, she was moved) “Ayo, this will forever be the most thoughtful thing you or anyone will do for me. I promise you that together we would achieve all on this list and be alive to see each other. I have some great news, I forgot to mention earlier about my monthly checkups. Went yesterday and the doctor said that my chances of living are increasing, well I guess the medications are working”. This is great news babe. Even after we are done, we can travel out of the country for a two-week vacation in which my company will take care of. Already working towards that… (To be continued next week Wednesday).

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