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It’s been over six months of steady growth and gradual achievements with my girlfriend, Brittany. Everything was going smoothly as planned, we never missed a doctor’s appointment as well as taking the necessary dosage of medications. As for school, I superseded my performance target by attaining 4.83 CGPA which earned me extra privilege from Mr. Harrison. For this reason, the two-week vacation I applied for to Dubai was approved, fully funded by the scholarship company. Interestingly, mom called me from school that the doctor said she was responding to treatment and aunty Sola had gotten a job that covers her accommodation as well as other necessary things as an NYSC candidate. Let’s just say it has been God this past few months.

(Ayo’s phone beeped a message) Ahh!! How come? strike again, what is always wrong with this ASSUU and the Federal government? (Phone rings, Brittany) Hello, babe, I just got the news about the strike and the 24 hours ultimatum given to students to leave the school premises. Guess they care less about us final year students and it is only two months to our last papers.

Back home from school with students sent out of the premises like animals, most especially the final year students who agitated. Thank God babe and I left earlier before the incident happened. While in the house going around my normal chores, I heard a thud that got my attention in the house only to figure out that it was Mom who slipped a second time. This time around she seemed paralyzed as she could not move the right part of her body. I called for help from neighbors who supported me in taking Mom to the hospital. I watched her throughout the night as she had already exhausted four drips just within 24 hours. Things gradually grew worse by morning as she could no longer talk again but began murmuring… (To be continued next week Wednesday).

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