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One month passed by with me sitting in the hospital with mom’s condition not improving. Quite anxiously vexed with Brittany as she had not even called or texted to check up on me since we left school. Called numerous times to speak to her when my nights were cold and my eyes were not withholding their tears. Called again and she picked!!! Hello babe, “hey, Ayo, this is Brittany’s sister. She has been in critical condition for days, we admitted her at”… Wow! that is the same hospital my mom has been admitted to for weeks, I am coming as soon as my aunty is back from the pharmacy. Just when my thoughts about everything was right, here are problems making them wrong.

“Hello, Mr. Ayodele Uche. I hope this mail meets you well. It has been a pleasure having you as one of our brightest scholarship students who has contributed selflessly to the company as a whole. Your efforts will never be taken for granted. It saddens my heart to say that we are going to cut short our scholarship contract with you as well as other working duties. This is due to the latest development in our company. We have been experiencing economic hardship as the state of the recession of our country, Nigeria is gradually shutting us out of the market space. We are currently liaisoning with a foreign company whom we desire to partner with and several of our staff will be laid off. We are so sorry to notify you that we would no longer as a company, bear the burden of your schooling. You will be paid a token of 50,000 naira as our compensation fee. All the best and don’t stop being the best.

Yours Faithfully,
… (To be continued next week Wednesday).

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