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Speechless. The mail Mr. Harrison sent me this morning says it all. Also, the news that the school has resumed after the strike is so overwhelming. Where do I start from? Who should I call this time? I still have some outstanding fees to pay up and my scholarship benefits are gone, just like that! The money I have saved over the years is what I have spent on Mom’s treatment here at the hospital. Brittany isn’t responding to treatments as she has gotten into the critical stage of her illness. Classes have been on for weeks now with final exams knocking around the corner. This ocean of problems I find myself is sinking me deeply as there is no sight of help anywhere. I think drowning is not an option for me, I told myself

All thanks to my course mates who photocopied their notes and other necessary materials for me to study in the hospital where mom and Brittany were lying quite lifeless. Babe and I cried the night before the final exams started because we both knew she would not be able to write them, the last item on her bucket list is to graduate as a Certified Nurse, but reality still made its way through. I left the hospital very early to get to the school on time for the exams. My answer sheets were always filled up but soaked with tears. Tears of not wanting to lose the other halves of me which lie in my mother and girlfriend… (to be continued next week Wednesday)

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