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(Sobbing uncontrollably) “Ayo you have not eaten for two days now, the death of your mom and your girlfriend is not the end of you. Calm down, trying to starve yourself would not bring them back”. Aunty Sola, please I am not hungry, and thank you for the care, you take care of yourself. Leave me, let me go crazy, somebody help me, help me! I am tired of life, aunty. I think poisoning myself or hanging myself is not a bad idea because, without these two women in my life, I am empty, let me go. I don’t know how I want to survive without them in my life. “Ayo, please do not harm yourself, do not give suicide a chance. Remember your final exams are tomorrow. It is better to finish strong and be strong. These women have always supported you for years and it will be their joy to see you making them proud by finishing well. Think about it”.

Today happens to be my convocation from the University of Lagos. Just a few friends, relatives, and aunty Sola. Still in my crazy state, I left two chairs and a table beautifully decorated specially for Mom and Brittany. I ordered the caterer to serve that table but she kept explaining no one was there until reality broke me into tears again.

I graduated as the overall best in the university. Icing on the cake; I was offered a permanent job opportunity at an international oil and gas firm with long-lasting benefits…
I know it would be the joy of my Mom to see me graduate,
I know how Brittany would have felt with our achievements,
Excellent things happen in this life,
But tragedy also has its way in this same life,
This Life is yours and all yours,
Live it making those who genuinely supported you proud of you, even if they have journeyed to the afterlife.
Take not your life for the sake of bearing the pain of those who we have lost or for our present situations.
The spirit and memories of my dearly beloved rest with me.
Live life and live it to the fullest because there is still hope in this life. Even if you can not swim through the ocean of uncertainties, do not get drowned!
Remember to Stay Safe, Simple, and Live Smart.

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