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Ever since the truth about my dad flashed brightly in my face, I have been trying to live life without the expectation of seeing him someday. I wouldn’t blame mom for her decisions because they have strengthened me to work hard and I’m sure her actions will benefit us in the nearest future. On the D-Day of our hangout, I purposely snuck out of the hall and headed towards the library to miss the hangout session because I could not behold the intimacy of activities that would be done between other students and their dads. On entering the library, I saw the girl of my dreams, sitting at the back, looking distressed. I was scared and happy at the same time since none of our mates were around, but I was also not interested in really talking to her because of our past differences. I walked straight towards her with a chunk of books and past question materials in my hands, but deep down, I could hear my heartbeat louder than the noise from the gathering at the hall. Hey, Brittany, how are you doing? I am well, thank you, she replied. “Why aren’t you at the hangout with your dad?” She asked. “It is a long story and a story for another day. How about you and your dad?” “My dad traveled, and I feel uneasy due to menstrual cramps, and that is the main reason I am relaxing here.”

She continued, “I have always waited for this opportunity where I can explain what happened to you in the past. I am sorry and felt so bad that you got punished for a crime you did not commit, and i am willing to bring justice to your table”. “No, it is all a thing of the past, so forget”. “Remember that day I brought my phone for you to help me register for that competition we both wanted to enter. My friends were aware of our plans to meet at the library to do the registration, so they took my phone and kept it in your bag so it would seem misplaced and claim you took it since they already made their evidence”. “Wow, so surprised they did that so you would not register for the competition. Like I said earlier, I have forgiven you and everyone already, I also have something to tell you, dear. I like you so much, and I want us to be more than friends as time moves on, I am not rushing but willing to wait even at the university level to officially make you mine.”

I began a new session as an S.S.S 3 student, happy and thrilled but low-key scared of failing my external examinations and facing their consequences of delays. For me, I have no issues with studying because I have always been studious right from time, and I had got plans to get a reading partner who would ginger my spirit, challenge me and inspire me. The proposed reading partner was no other person than my dream girl, Brittany!!!! After greeting a few classmates who still talked to me without spicing their words with insults, I noticed my supposed babe was not around. Later that day, I walked up to her friends, who told me she changed her school due to reasons they would not say. Even asking for her phone number from them was one of the regrettable things I ever did because it became the trending headline in class. I was all alone since the ginger in my swagger was no longer here. The one who kept my mind busy with creativity was absent. Memories shared with Brittany will never be lost, but still, I had exams to focus on, “no distractions, just focus!” I told myself. Months after my supposed babe left, I had no competitor to challenge me so much. I emerged the best in all our final examinations that resulted in cash prizes in six digits. The icing on my cake was I gained admission into one of the most competitive universities in Nigeria, the University of Lagos, with a fully-funded scholarship that had a lot of fringe benefits. (To be continued next week Wednesday).

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