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The national rumor that studying Electrical Electronics Engineering is so complicating seems to be an unbelievable lie, maybe as a result of the studious nature I groomed myself from a tender age. No two ways about it, the so-called complications in engineering, specifically in Elect, can be simplified if you are willing to give in your best and to work so hard. In school, my introversion keeps me away from a lot of people, which I am happy with, no distractions, and no worries. For real, my school has a lot of babes with beauty and standard packaging. No cap about it even though that is not my main focus, “but you can be friends with them and help each other run one or two schoolwork or do the do” These hovering words of my course mates will undergo filtration as settling for the first option will be my scope of exploration. Class, library, church, and hostel, these are the only places you can find me in school. As for food, my scholarship covers it, and I only visit the restaurant once in a blue moon if I need to get something urgently. There is nothing as fantastic as living alone in a single hostel and owning your privacy. At least, Iā€™m able to enjoy the privilege of maintaining optimum peace and focus with sufficient space to work as well as study.

Despite the free internet, laundry, food, and other things I enjoy from my scholarship, little did i know that my scholarship had a work responsibility added to the package; my job here is to submit weekly articles to the publication department of a company’s website. I was assigned the position of assistant content manager. When i got the job on a freelance scale, I did not take it seriously for the first few weeks until the creative director of the company sent me a mail that i would be paid 10,000 naira for every one of my articles that are published on the company’s website irrespective of my scholarship deal with them. Tedious it is! For the scholarship on its own, a breakdown of certain points and total grade I must emerge with at the end of every semester was also sent to me. The first semester in year one, the standard set for me was 4.55 CGPA. In a nutshell, I am an engineering student, graphics designer, and writer, with these whole responsibilities. With these, I also kept in mind that I had to start sending mom a portion of my earnings and allowances to support her business as well as for settling the necessary bills at home. Nothing makes me so happy than to relieve mom from certain expenses, but I hope I can cope with all the expectations the company has outlined for me so all these benefits would not be cut short. Notwithstanding, I am on an express road of enjoyment with no brakes because aside from the benefits of my scholarship, I still get paid weekly… (to be continued next week Wednesday).

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