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Episode 4

Going to the fellowship on campus is one place my heart is, but I do not go very often due to my tight schedules that are crowded with assignments, plans to study, personal time with God, work, and several other things.

Sometimes, I feel guilty for not going because I know I am a skilled instrumentalist with singing abilities, but I hope God will understand me. For some funny reasons, my hostel is partially padded with soundproof materials because the speakers in my room are loud enough to wake surrounding neighbors by 3:00 am while working or studying. I remember when I was preparing to move into my private hostel, Mr. Harrison, the scholarship manager, was surprised to see a home theater sound system on my budget list. He questioned it. Listening to music every second, minute, and hour of the day is not just a hobby but a groomed lifestyle that has become part and parcel of me. He was more shocked when I told him I don’t watch Tv too, “Wahala for person wey no dey watch Tv ooo!!!” He said.

On this particular day, I was declared off from work because the report for this week was submitted the previous night, and today, Friday, happened to be lecture-free. Every other time, my Fridays are spent trying to tidy up a lot of outstanding items on my schedule, as well as sleep the 8 hours everyone says is ideal. My departmental guys called me that they were going to turn up but I declined.

The cleared intenrary also reminded me of the love feast program that was happening at the fellowship. No excuse this time as I could not afford to miss it. I got dressed in a rumpled brown round collar T-shirt matched with black jeans on suede and dashed out of the hostel to be there on time.

As at the time I got there, they had already started the service and just rounded off the worship session. The lady singing sounded familiar, but I was more focused on locating a seat, most probably at the gallery. From the height I was seated, the hall was beautifully decorated with a silver lining across several pillars with bows to knot them firmly. Pleatings of a blue lining, in a star-shape centered with a white and blue bow, with white as the background having shiny petals sprinkled around the altar. The ambiance was lit but then, I focused on the service.

After the service ended that day, I waited behind to enjoy the music composition of the choir. During the vibing session, the same lady that sang earlier when I came in was the one singing again. She sounded familiar to someone I knew. I got more interested in having a clearer view of the person from the gallery. To my greatest surprise, it was Brittany, but I was not 100 percent sure because the babe I saw there was too packaged: tall, and slender with a touch of fairness and some curvy edges. Though it is possible since it was two years since we saw each other, this was too good to be true! Going to approach someone as if I knew them in the past and they turn out not to be the one was another embarrassing thing I did not want to encounter.

I also could not approach her because she was in rehearsal, which left me with no option but to head back to my hostel to relax from a slight migraine after the all-night of work and study caused by sleeplessness and intense hunger. Still, I was determined to find out if she was the one. I told myself, “this time, I am willing to face the risk of embarrassment…” (To be continued next week Wednesday).

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