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Episode 5

On my way to the library, after a class, I rushed out to use the restroom. I felt so pressed and bumped into this lady with beautiful eyes, expressing her exceptional smiles as she acknowledged my apologies. It happened to be the lady I saw singing at the love feast service, now I had a clearer view. This is Brittany, no doubts, I said to myself but the business I had to do in the restroom didn’t give me a chance to strike a conversation with the supposed Brittany. This genuine sensation is nostalgia because it brings back memories with my friend surely on the look for her.

Right there in the restroom, I remembered the short scenario that had played out. My observations may have been right about her. In an attempt to catch up with her as she was walking straight the aisle, I buckled my belt quickly, mishandling my trouser zip due to soapy hands standing In front of the wash basin. This automatically delayed me that by the time I came out of the restroom she was out of sight.

Guy, where you dey? come class ASAP, we won write GST test o, the woman don show for class o“, I am on my way, thanks, man (phone cuts). (Soliloquizing in annoyance, running back to class from the restroom) Omo, this woman we have been waiting for for the past one and a half hour just shows up out of the blues and wants to conduct a test. Why are lecturers so inconsiderate like this? (every small thing they will like to show themselves), anyway, thank God I studied those necessary course materials and handouts yesterday before sleeping. As I got into the class to settle down for the test, I was astound to hear someone saying, “May I join you here, and can I get a sheet of paper?” I looked up and saw it was this same lady again. Sure you can seat with me and I will get you a paper, I replied hurriedly, smiling one-sidedly. “Question one… you have just 10 minutes to answer those questions. If you are not interested you can leave this class and optimum silence is required”. The test concluded with the majority of students frowning their faces when they heard the test was over 40 marks. What a hot afternoon heartbreak! As I sighted this reoccurring lady who sat beside me leaving the class as everyone dismissed, I kindly asked, Are you, Brittany from Princeton college? (to be continued next week Wednesday).

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