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Episode 6:

She smiled in amusement, “yes I am and how did you know that?”
“Wait! don’t you recognize me”, I asked? “You look familiar like someone in my secondary school, are you Ayyyyoo something?” “Yes!!! It is me Ayodele Uche your best pal back then. OH MY GOD…” We exchanged pleasantries as well as left the class for a lunch hangout. I guess my dreams are finally coming to pass after all.

“I fell in love with your voice right back at the event sometimes back, but after so many contemplations, I was ready to make the big move of approaching you until coincidence brought us together.” “My friends back then in secondary school told me about how you asked for my number and wanted to get across to me after I had left. You know my friends then were humorously mean to you most especially because they never really liked you, maybe because of your weird way of doing things. Your weirdness is amazing and got my attraction a bit back then”.

“It is so funny to hear those funny conversations of your friends about me, so tell me, why did you just leave our secondary school back then without giving me your babbyyy booo a prior notice?” “There were a whole lot of complications, I was sick for a month and was under intense medical care…”, (Ayo’s phone rings) “Excuse me, I have to pick this call… Ehnn, so sorry I have to leave now, urgent work calls, let me escort you back to your hostel.” Our hangout ended with an evening stroll where we had time to rush our conversations and get back from where we stopped. She happens to have been studying in the medical field just as she has always wanted. She remains sweet as ever and more mature in composture as well as her eye-catching feminine features.

With exams around the corner, we both decided to be reading partners, go for night classes, and study in the library. It gave us more opportunity to get used to each other. The first-semester exams kick-started with me taking a one month break from work to prepare well to hit the assigned grades so if by chance I default by not attaining that grade, I would not hide under the shadow of work as a distraction. Weeks after the examinations, I suggested if Brittany could go on a casual outing with me just as friends but she declined, saying she had some form of appointment to catch up with which would last for a week.

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