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Fast-forward to 300 level. Getting here has been quite crazy for me. Right from the 100 level first semester, the performance target given to me was 4.55 CGPA, I got a 4.69. “Interestingly amazing, but you must be better and the best. If you could prove your intelligence to us, you may stand a chance to get an increase in your allowances or maybe something bigger that I will not mention”, Mr. Harrison said. Second semester 100 level, my performance target was 4.73 but I aimed at 4.75. By the time the result came out, I was already in 200 level warming up for the first semester exams. 4.75!! just on the set mark. I was further gingered to aim at a 4.80 prompt in the exams just as I did the last time, my performance target came out as 4.77 CGPA. Feeling like one superman from nowhere with full expectations only for me to see a 4.77 CGPA, damn! missed it. I never really complained but as a goal-getter, I need to actualize the set-out plan of mine. Thank God anyway. The second semester 200 level got me by surprise as I still maintained 4.77 CGPA, no decrease, no increase. Thanks to Mr. Harrison’s encouragement that has made me more focused and thinking about how I could actualize this 4.80 in this 300 level. I discussed it with Brittany and she came up with an amazing plan, It sounded funny but very helpful. “Engr. Dele in the making, as a professional health student, I’d advise you to take your health seriously and do not drain your energy. I understand you are a goal-getter but learn from me, I work hard too but take a lot of rest too even though I understand everything about your targets, scholarship… What I am saying in essence is, reduce your workload, keep your study moderate, work out, eating the right food and get enough sleep to keep your brain refreshed every time, not forgetting your prayer”. With Brittany’s strategy, things will change.

I had just arrived at the venue where the GST lecture was going to hold, only for the lecturer to walk in, “tear a sheet of paper, this test covers your quiz, attendance, and continuous assessments. If you like, do it well or not, it is up to you”. Enjoying the free flow of writing as my foolscap sheet of paper is almost exhausted, but this is strange, aunty Sola just called me 52 times within 10 minutes. “Ayodele, this is aunty Sola. Your mother is presently admitted in the hospital and on a drip, do call me back as soon as you see this text message”. Blood of Jesus!! I can no longer continue this test at least I have written enough. What do I do, who do I call… let me call Brittany.

I ended up calling mom “Mom are you okay? can you hear me? say something?” (anxiously waiting). “Ayo, calm down, your mom is fine, all she needs now is rest according to the doctor”. The issue was that she slumped while in the bathroom and twisted her left leg leading to internal bleeding… but she is in good condition. But the doctor still said she has an underlying sickness which has placed her in this critical state, but she will be fine” Aunty Sola said… (to be continued next week Wednesday).

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