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Mom, you scared me out there in the hospital. You did not even talk to me for hours, that disorganized me. It was until when my friend came that you finally could speak, we thank God anyway for the gift of life that you are home also. “Yes son, I was surprised to see myself in the hospital as well, thank God Sola was around”. I will advise she stays with you for some time, at least when we discussed earlier, she said she is still very much around as she is processing her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) here in Lagos. You also never told me about how you were feeling even though we spoke almost every day, I have spoken to the doctor and she said both the underlying sickness and the one you are recovering from will be treated well. Already paid all the bills and for the extra treatments, I have paid all of that and will start to increase the money I send you.

“Thank you, my sweetheart, lest I forget, who was that brown skin girl I saw at the hospital the other day?” Just a friend, mom. “Just a friend, hmm just a friend. It is surprising to see you with a lady since I have always known you to be so studious, is she the one?” Mom, what are you talking about? “Let me remind you of something in case you have forgotten, I was the one who bathed you, fed you and, carried you from inception and you want to be lying to me, not even when I watched you both sleeping on each other’s shoulder, I suspected something fishy going on” (chuckled). Okay…okay, her name is Brittany and she was my classmate back in secondary school. She left and we met at Uni during a test though she is studying in the medical field. Mom, that is all. “And what…” Ehnn, I like her but I do not want to spoil things, and frankly speaking, I do not think It is the right time for a relationship. “True, you have a valid point, but see in this life do not be scared to express yourself or your feelings to anyone you like even if it might not turn out fine. When your father, of blessed memory, came to me and told me he was in love with me, as tough as I was, I accepted after pondering on it and he disturbed me well enough not like other guys who would just want to use and dump a lady. Tell her about your feelings, make it clear to her and be sincere, the reason is, if you fail to tell her now, by the time you think it is right, it might be too late, and having such regrets might be killing. Be friends, learn from one another, during misunderstandings talk about it as adults, avoid the use of vulgar words, and never lift a hand against her. She is beautiful”. Thank you, mom, for everything. Let me serve your food now so you can take the medications later…(To be continued next week Wednesday).

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