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Back in the school premises, queuing at the cafeteria where Brittany bought the last Efo riro and Amala we ate, I looked towards the entrance and behold it was the woman my heart has always skipped for since junior secondary school. Hey, Brittany, “hey baby boy, how have you been, and your mom?” she is good, and thanks for showing up the other day with the food you brought. Ever since that day she saw you at the hospital, she has disturbed me, trying to know you and your relationship with me. “So what did you tell her?” (Brittany asked early) Eh. I said a lot about you. How amazing you are… “My question remains, what did you tell her is your relationship with me”? (Ayo’s phone rings). “So you are leaving my answer unanswered and running off again like you always do” no, wait, I can explain… “keep your explanations to yourself and never mind (Brittany walks away from the cafeteria).

I felt so disappointed and confused about everything. The lonely evening left me on the floor trying to decipher the scenario that played, back at the cafeteria. Did I ever say anything that pissed her off in the past? I don’t understand all this. Stared at the sumptuous cassava flakes heavily loaded with groundnuts, sprinkled sugar with the milk awaiting me to pour water for consumption.

(Soliloquizing in annoyance heading to the library) Wickedness!! How can Tolu say GST assignments were canceled due to his carelessness yet, his own was collected. The assignment that took me three sleepless nights to finish up, he must be joking. On entering the library vexed, Brittany was on her way out. Instantly, my anger melted like an Ice cream that just met the sun. Hey, Brittany, please, can we talk just for a few minutes? “okay, I have a class to catch up with, so be quick” Thank you. I have called your phone for over 48 hours and no response. I am sorry if I have offended you, and I am willing to make it up to you. Are you free for a date tomorrow? (with her lips exposing her teeth as she smiles gradually, she tried suppressing them all in the name of forming a tough girl) “what time?” 7 pm at the waterfront resort. A date is it? “sure and don’t be late”

1 thought on “DROWNING: Episode 9

  1. I am speechless…its really captivating
    The part about the garri,groundnut and milk got me coz that’s what I do 😂😂😍
    Keep it up…God bless you

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