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At your birth,
Those drops of tears you shed Welcomed you to a world
Where you were given
A chance to fulfill a unique mission.
You were oblivious about it
Like someone under the Harry potter’s spell

You may not have understood
The significance of your christening And naming ceremony that took place.
The invitation of spiritual fathers
To bless you were prayers
of not only an hedge of fire
For protection around you
But also to keep you
Connected to your source.

Those gifts offered by people were
A form of support to you growing up And at the whole euphoria of the event
The people anticipated and
Rejoiced about your legacy
In future.

The clock ticked seconds,
Seconds ticked minutes,
Minutes ticked hours,
Hours ticked days,
Days ticked weeks,
Weeks ticked months,
Months ticked years,
Years ticked years,
As you evolved
With several pieces of training
As well as Life experiences that have put you
Where you are today.

Today you are left to make decisions,
These decisions, either right
Or wrong will have an influence
On your mission into this world.
You can never know
What you were sent into this world to do
Until you embark on the journey
Of self-discovery,
Self-discovery can never be fruitful
Until you are connected to the one
You were connected to
at your birth ceremony,
This right source will give you
An insight of your true identity and As well amplify your strength for this Journey.

In summary,
Your life is a house of warmth
Decorated with amazing light fittings, Centered by a golden chandelier Hanging in the midst
Of a set of royal sofa
standing on a laminated floor
Having numerous bedrooms
With quality household equipment
On the inside,
Surrounded by a garden
Of sweet smelling savor.

Out there are people
Suffering in the cold,
From one pain or the other
Not knowing where to stay.
It is left to you to make yourself
Seen and available
To provide accommodation to these people.
The number you can accommodate
Depends on how willing you are
To grow up and develop yourself.
Grow up!
For the world awaits
Your voice of impact (positive).

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