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There is always this long-anticipated event
That is celebrated every year
Irrespective of your status.
It is a day dedicated to a person
Or a group of persons,

Summing up digits is a way
Of acknowledging their lives spent
As well as sharing gifts of various kinds
or throwing a big party;
Another form of appreciation,
This day is called your Birthday.

Due to the exhilaration of birthdays,
The true significance of this day
Is lost,
Let’s have a deeper reflection
Silencing every noise internally and externally,
thinking about the whole situation,
The reason for the celebration,
Your age and your existence

These days are set apart
To celebrate your impact on the world
And even within the small group,
You belong to.
Age is just number, but these numbers…
Is an identity for you that registers
Each year the number of lives
You have transformed, helped,
Encouraged and supported with the
Inspirations of the father.
The increase in your age should be
Directly proportional to your
Positive impact on the world.

It’s not about celebrating just the
Years of physical growth and
Development but years of
Productivity and creativity.
Your works in the lives of people
Will give either good or bad
Testimonies about you on two
Special days of your life,
Your birthday and death day
Think about it.

Life is a stage
Get up there and show them what
You got,
No matter your age don’t be scared
Of the stage,
Never allow people to limit
The creativity of your mind
And blindfold your vision
With just ordinary numbers.
Don’t fret about your age,
It doesn’t hinder you from the stage,
What hinders you is the inability
To follow my Sage advice.

Remember to Stay Safe, Simple and Live Smart because it’s your birthday
Happy Birthday!

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