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There is great ease for an attack amidst people where distrust and vulnerability is found. Nigeria is one place where people feel vulnerable, and it ranges from poverty, health challenges, educational background, religious background or background in general. People doublecheck whatever they do or rather checkmate what they do, so competition becomes imminent subconsciously. In the midst of this, we fight and we struggle with each other.

A proverb I love so much says, “it is wise not to say, the days before are better than the present days”. But it’s just what we’ve been stuck on for 58 years. In fact some people cannot wait for the generation they feel stole from them to be gone. 58 years ago or some time around that, you could find gold on our streets not until the population grew beyond the gold, so we decided to kill each other. Could be a theory but the vulnerability for power and wealth is there and so competition for it.

We certainly refuse to swallow blames, it’s a hard pill. So we seek ways to transfer it or spread it. So when we speak of change, it has a dozen definition that has nothing to do with a fellow Nigerian. We do not want an egalitarian nation of course. So there’s this hint of selfishness that drives us to think of how to change our economic, residential and social status beyond helping each other. The blame is ultimately the older generation’s fault.

And so we’re 58 still haggling about why a 1 year old baby had free education; education without worrying about who is paying. We haggle about why she didn’t have to worry about the electricity bills, the cost of food items in the market because it was very cheap. Well, 58 is big, I mean it’s past the golden jubilee. Let’s man up!

If the past generations couldn’t do much with the much that was given, then we have to act with all the resources in our hands. The days before aren’t better than the present days because the past is gone and it can never be gotten back even through time travel *chuckles*. We can only choose to make today worth living for each other.

A selfless Nigeria where love, peace and unity abounds is a new Nigeria. A new Nigeria that cuts across religious, ethnic and societal status.

We are 58, MAN UP!

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