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Hi guys. It’s the month of August. I’m super excited. Did I tell you this is my birth month? I’m a proud Virgo. It’s the 4th of August and another beautiful weekend so I hope it is as electrifying for you as it is for me. I am going to spend the day reading and cooking amongst other things so I encourage you to pick a book up also. Well, down to business, let’s talk.

​I was going through my Facebook page and the frequent appearance of the phrase, “haters gon’ die”, made me come up with this. I have a problem particularly with social media catch phrases that increases in usage rapidly and becomes conventional for the ‘cool kids’.

Going straight to the point, humans who bother about ‘haters’ are subtly insecure. The term haters started showing up in hip hop lyrics in the early 1990s. The Right Rhymes, a hip-hop dictionary, traces the term back to the 1991 song ‘psychobetabuckdown’ by Cypress Hill. It etymologically was a word niched for people who were covertly negative and as a fuel for success but trust 21st century frenzy to abuse it. There is a long difference between recognizing that you are not ice cream and everybody cannot like you to the idea that manifests in the term haters.

The latter has this buoyancy that seems to suggest the silly conception of jealous people that you are overtly better than who would rather troll or disagree with your activities because they see themselves in some sort of competition with you.

Most times, I must add, such haters are imaginary. Erase the inspirational quotes and the self-esteem, there exist people who are better off than you, rather more highly placed than you and respecting that is the wiser alternative. Likewise, there are people who for one reason or the other feel you are toxic and not fit for their circle. It’s allowed. I mean you should dislike some people. Yes, there are also the jobless people who peep into everything you do to criticize your decisions but they do not have to surface in the caption of majority of your posts. I believe if they were as unimportant as your caption suggests, they have no place in your subconscious not to speak of what you post publicly.

The best revenge or mechanism to send messages to this set of people is by working hard and getting better at what you do, then their criticism does not hold water. I mean, no matter how many trolls ravage Oprah Winfrey’s page, she remains herself. If you feel the need to address these set of people, please don’t. They would neither reasonably listen nor repent. You just get reduced from being the bigger person. Please stop the tacky posts about ‘em haters especially the ones blended with emojis. The spectrum, Social Media, is a risky enigma. One should he careful how he or she is represented.

Have the best of the weekend.

written by ORDIAH SARAH


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