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  • Most common human disease
  • Viral disease (caused by viruses) of upper respiratory tract
  • Self diagnosable
  • Spreads easily
  • Usually harmless
  • Short term


  • Common cold is caused by any one of approximately 200 different types of virus.
  • 50% of common cold is caused by rhinoviruses


  • Most often transmitted by indirect contact
  • Average adult gets 2-4 colds per year
  • Direct contact with infected secretions from contaminated surfaces
  • Inhaling the airborne virus
  • Infections may increase during winter possibly due to increased interpersonal indoor contact or physiological changes


Symptoms begins within 2-3 days of infection and may vary due to type of virus causing the infection. major symptoms include;

  • Sneezing
  • Nasal secretions
  • Congestions
  • Slight body aches
  • Children and infants may have decreased appetite
  • Fatigue


Various factors increase chances of acquiring common cold, they include;

  • AGE: infants and children have higher susceptibility than adults due to increased immunity in adults.
  • IMMUNOCOMPROMISED PATIENTS; smoking and emotional distress


  • No cure or vaccine available
  • It is self limiting
  • Antibodies are produced against the specific virus.
  • Most colds resolve within 2 weeks depending of the virus and the patients immune system
  • Get enough rest and take plenty of fluids
  • Cough syrups may relieve symptoms
  • Gargling with warm salt water helps patient with sore throats


  • Hand washing
  • Gargling
  • Avoid touching face
  • Keep self from infected people
  • Cover YOUR mouth when coughing or sneezing to reduce the spread of virus
  • Keep a clean environment


  • Fever is a natural treatment process due to high body temperature thereby helping the body fight off illness sooner
  • Children should be taken to a doctor if temperature is too high and if sypmtoms lasts more than 10 days

NOTE: The flu and common cold are different, the flu is caused by influenza viruses only and can be diagnosed in the lab, you may need to see a doctor. Also, flu symptoms are more severe than common cold.

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